Tumbellina Aerial Hoop

These spectacular aerial acrobats perform gymnastic tricks and demonstrate incredible flexibility and strength in and around these aerial hoops! This is a truly exciting display for all types of events, large and small. Great for high ceilings at large venues or even better for the lower ceilings so the acrobats are closer to you!


  • A solo hoop act
  • The hoop duet act
  • The fantastic group hoop show
  • Hangabout/mix n mingle hoop artists

We have a huge array of costumes to choose from including:

  • Red & white – great for high impact & Cirque D’ Soleil themes
  • Silver/white – great for corporate & weddings
  • Silver and light blue – great for corporate, Frozen & Winter Wonderland
  • White corsets – great for Moulin Rouge, corporate & weddings.
  • Red corsets – great for Moulin Rouge
  • Gold catsuits – great for Bond

If you want something more bespoke, get in touch to discuss exactly what you want and we’ll do our best to make it happen.