The Waiters

Lovely silent movie style chaps who serve, treat and pamper random people chosen from the audience. Delivering random acts of refreshment is their mission in life.

At first this is greeted with reluctance, which soon turns to pleasure. Much to the envy of their friends, their victims are given a seat, poured a tea and treated to massage and a lovely pastry or amuse-bouche.

Manners and stiff upper lip are important and will be upheld at all times. When the bell rings, time is up and the waiters disappear leaving nothing but a happy memory and a smiling refreshed person.

Refreshments can change depending on the event and a romantic table for two can be provided instead on request. Candles, flowers and romantic music will give a special moment to randomly chosen pairs (whether couples or not!) The Waiters can even match-make if it takes their fancy.

From 2 – 5 performers. Three upwards recommended. Great for international travel as no language and no excess baggage. Great for food fairs/food stalls as the Waiters can give out samples instead of croissants and tea.