Pixel Umbrella Stilts

What is a Pixel Umbrella?

The Pixel umbrella is a brand new type of glow prop…with a surprise! When carried the umbrella creates a beautiful aura of light (in colours we can fit around your theme) but, when the umbrella is spun, it sparks into life – projecting pictures and writing into the air. Over 500 LEDs mean this prop will look great at night but is also bright enough to work indoors, even in a well-lit shopping centre!

Customised for you!

Give us a theme and we’ll not only select some stunning stilt-walking costumes, but we’ll also add your choice of colours into the umbrellas and use images to fit perfectly with your event. For only a little extra we’ll custom-program your logo or choice of image into the umbrellas.

Staying dry

As an added bonus our Pixel umbrellas are totally waterproof. This means when other stilts walkers have to retreat to save their costumes from getting wet, we’ll carry on and can even help shelter some passersby!

Optional extra:

Display your own logo on our umbrellas!

Add full LED Stilt costumes!

The Pixel Umbrella with staff training 

Pixel Umbrellas project images in the air a line at a time, which the audience then see as a whole image. We can program any company logo/name/message into the umbrella so as soon as it’s spun the LEDs burst into life projecting your desired image for all to see. These umbrellas have nine times the amount of LEDs as our poi so we can create clearer, brighter images that can been seen any time of day or night!

How you use the pixel umbrellas is up to you, whether you want to give them to your staff to add a talking point as they mix and mingle with your guest or hire in our staff and create interest in your brand whist they pose for photos or simply to give to for guests to keep them dry! This one prop can have a multitude of uses only limited by your imagination.