Sam Veale Children’s Circus Workshops & Parties

Birthday Parties

Sam Veale’s circus party is a very interactive combination of a juggling show and circus skills workshop. It starts with a show, which leads into a 60min session of teaching various skills (juggling, balancing, plate spinning). Then we break for food/cake/candles etc, during which Sam entertains around the tables. After the break, which is typically 20 minutes or so, he teaches/demonstrates other skills including tight rope and diablo (Chinese yoyo) and the guests all have a go at those too. If there is time, the party finishes with a game and the total length is 2 hours.

“Hi Sam, We had a fab time on Saturday. Thanks so much for everything.”

Julia Fay 16/7/16 (Thomas, Thomas, Daniel and Philip are 5)


Start the day with an assembly to remember! Featuring some incredible skills and a demonstration of everything the pupils can learn in the workshop. After this, each class has a circus skills workshop tailor-made to their age group.

Sessions can be between 30 minutes and 2 hours per class and feature Juggling, Balancing (with peacock feathers), plate spinning (with plastic plates – don’t panic), Tight Rope Walking (fully supervised), Diablo (or Chinese Yo-Yo), Stilt Walking, and more…!

“Hi Sam, Thank you so much for coming. All the children (and staff!) had an amazing time.”

Broomwood Hall School 4/6/15