Scrum Fun


Our crazy giant rugby ball and comedy rugby player are very excited about rugby.

The ball has decided that Rugby is too rough, she always gets knocked about so she’s promoting a new style of the game, Hugby!

During the 2015 Rugby World Cup she hugged pretty much every nationality of fan, spreading the spirit and love of Rugby, bringing smiles even when their team lost.


Girls Rulz Rugby

Lola and Bertha female rugby player wannabees, one with very little physical ability, far too much make up and an aversion to breaking a nail or getting dirty and the other is not quite so feminine and too unfit to play the game and although keen has to keep having a sit down. She’s quite grubby and thinks she’s stunning with her mouth guard smile.  They think if they play rugby they will get hot rugby player boyfriends, they’re trying to be in the right place at the right time but miss the mark every time.

They have a very different view of the game with their own rules – a try is just making an effort, a hooker means something totally different, and we don’t call anyone a flanker in this game, a choke tackle is where they try and strangle each other, and a free kick is when you go and kick each other in the shins.  It’s handbags at kick off and a light-hearted alternative look at rugby terms and rules from rugby dullards in a family fun kind of way.

They have their own version of the Haka – the Hunker which is their dance which they think will attract a hunky rugby player.  This has to be seen to be believed.  Once seen never forgotten (you can’t unsee it!)Beyonce eat your heart out!

Their “game” results in the most inept game in history with no one ever scoring on or off the pitch!  One or both can appear with the giant rugby ball which ends up being more of a pet or something to lean on when they are tired from trying to play or have photos taken with it.  They think they are the Kate Moss’s of the rugby world.