Photon Acro Show

This brand new show combines the grace and skills of acro-balance with state of the art technology to produce something unique and magical. Our acrobats use our custom-made pixel costumes to disappear and then reappear in precarious balances. They magically pass lights back and forth and ultimately battle to overcome the glitch that is creeping into their systems!

We are delighted to be able to mold this performance around you and your event by adding custom logos, names and theming to suit your occasion for no extra cost.

Duration: 10mins (Includes up to five logos/images and two pixel umbrella at no extra costs)


‘An extraordinary combination of excellent hand-to-hand acrobatics and spectacular LED pyrotechnics . I’ve never seen anything like it!’ Bim Mason ‘co-founder and director of Circomedia’

“The 21st century is here! We have all seen glow in the dark, some flashing juggling props with led’s inside them, even the odd costume with fairy lights on it but the glow acro show takes it to another level!

Looking like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, the highly skilled acro duo take to the stage and as they amaze us with their high level tricks, a carefully choreographed light show paints a parallel story using their bodies as the canvas. Somewhere in the shadows hides the technical genius who has set and programmed these unique light suits and he can operate the clever range of flashes, ripples and colour changes by remote… It really is a must see, when you watch this show, you will be watching the future!” Chris Bull ‘Invisible Circus’

“Happy client + impressed audiences + smooth production = Good job!” Steve Cousins ‘Lets Circus’

Optional extras:

Pixel Umbrellas: Surround your audience with our Pixel Umbrellas to create an awesome finale