Juggling Glow Show with light suits and Glow Catherine wheel

This spectacular show astonishes and delights audiences of all ages and sizes.The show is fast paced, ultra high-impact and stuffed full of tailor-made kit you can’t find anywhere else. These include LED light suits, giant hoop cubes, pixel poi, staffs, and the brand new glow Catherine wheels – a 10ft high spinning wall of light!

We know your event doesn’t fit into a box and so we take care to mould our performance around you and your event. We can do this by programming your logos and images into the show so that they are revealed in mid-air, within our finale. As well as this we also can vary our show length, stage size and importantly our setup/pack-down is quick and discreet.

This show has been performed all over the globe and is guaranteed to create an unforgettable extravaganza of light! Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients say:

Duration: up to 10mins (Includes up to five logos/images and two pixel umbrella at no extra costs)


“Our client thought you were amazing and absolutely loved it! Thanks so much again for a brilliant performance. I’ve never got any worries putting you forward for our clients as your show is guaranteed to be such a hit!“ Leone Starr ‘Off Limits Corporate Events’

“Excellent performance, particularly incorporating the client’s logo into the show, which went down really well.” Vicky Shields ‘Office Christmas’

“These guys were seriously something else. What took my breath away was how they got the logos to work into the show. I seriously bow down to them, they have created something wonderful.” Sam Backwell ‘One World’

Optional extras:

Pixel Umbrellas: Surround your audience with our Pixel Umbrellas to create an awesome finale

Laser Animations: Lasers are a truly beautiful light source and add a whole other dimension to the show. As with all parts of our shows we take pride in seamlessly integrating our laser system into our choreography, so much so that you won’t know where the performer stops and technology begins. If nothing less than the very best will do, book this show now