Ian Marchant Gentleman Juggler Extraordinaire

Mr Ian Marchant is not only a Juggler but a Gentleman also, making him a “Gentleman
Juggler”. Taking inspiration from the great jugglers of the early 1900s and the legends of
silent film and comedy Mr Ian Marchant brings a unique twist to the art of juggling entertainment.

Ian Marchant can perform stage shows, street shows and walkabout entertainment in a
variety of settings. Having performed in cabaret, aboard cruise ships, at gala dinners and private parties he can adapt his show to (almost) any situation.

Stage Shows 

His stage shows are full of high skill, low comedy and unique feats and turns. Using
everyday objects such as hats, walking sticks, newspaper, crockery, hats and spoons Mr
Ian Marchant with perform a variety of Vaudevillian skills to amaze and amuse. This can be
done in 2 ways either as a patter stand up style act or an silent act to music. Shows can be any length up to 30 minutes.


Mr Ian Marchant’s walkabout is a roaming well dressed man, with many different short
shows, routines and tricks all in one bag. You choose what you want to be entertained with
from the items on offer then sit back relax and enjoy what unfolds in front of your eyes. The
best bit… you don’t even have to move, Mr Ian Marchant will bring the show to you. Perfect
as an ice breaker at any event, works indoors and outdoors, you can expect lots of skill, fun, audience participation and above all lots of laughter.