Elsie Dragon

Elsie dragon is an interactive kinetic fire sculpture and is:

  • Sculptured from formed steel, found objects and surplus technology. Hand crafted flowing curves create an organic feel, provoking a contrast to the industrial recycled components.
  • Capable at present of 36 distinct body movements, combinations of which present a myriad of movement possibilities……
  • The environment comprises 30 plus operable effects including smoke, light, sound and fire, components that help define the Dragons Lair.
  • Set on a stage space with a surrounding safety barrier, although static in placement she moves extensively: from flapping, folding wings to a snapping mouth, craning neck and flicking tail.
  • Elsie also has a propane gas fire system. Spitting fire as any self respecting dragon should: this combines with a MIDI controlled flame system running down her spine and lighting her from the front and sides. She of course breaths smoke.

Designed to be interactive in control, Elsie offers the public a chance to control its own fantasy creature! Elsie can also be controlled via control ‘pods’ positioned on the perimeter safety barrier. Crew members can contribute to and interact with these audience led experiments through a central control system.

The whole system can be controlled through a central control board by an experienced operator. Set to music of your choice or tailored to your event. We are happy to improvise with live musicians.

Dragon installations available:

Intimate:The Dragon is displayed on the trailer stage that it arrives on. The audience are closer to ‘Elsie’ and the detail of construction and movement. More emphasis is placed on reaction to the audience and the audience participation in the movement via the control ‘PODS’. The controllers work from a Gazebo placed on the safety perimeter with Music from our own PA.

Spectacular: The Dragon is placed on an elevated stage. This allows for a greater field of vision. The control Gazebo can be placed remotely from the installation (up to 20 meters away) so ‘Elsie is in the Round’, the audience is not sure how she is being controlled. More emphasis is based on the size and quantity of special effects. We are happy to use any appropriate sized PA.

Photo credit: Chris Cooper ShotAway