Eggs On Legs

Our nutty chef has his work cut out trying to keep these cheeky eggs under control! Mr & Mrs Egg run amok whilst spreading their joy of dancing to everyone they meet.

A comical, interactive and highly visual walkabout with mobile soundtrack that never fails to raise a smile, resulting in people of all ages becoming involved and dancing in the street. Their style is infectious egg-centric dance.

Silly and surprising, these comedy free-range egg characters are a hit with children and adults alike. Incredible, inedible fun and eggsellent value for money!

The eggs can also appear with a giant chef chasing them to put them in his pan for the pancake race!

NB The eggs will always have a chef or another character with them as their handler/security but also to provide a voice for them and to be an interface to encourage the public to dance and interact with them. Two to four person walkabout with set dance that can be performed on stage if requested in advance.

 “Great visual impact …. Highly interactive physical comedy, they’re great for all ages, clever, funny, brilliant … very entertaining”  Chris Johnson, Shambala Festival