Dressed For Dinner

Mr Ian Marchant presents “Dressed for Dinner”. A madcap silent variety spectacular!

Ian Marchant performs unique turns with many different everyday objects. He will demonstrate classic vaudevillian feats of skill, mime, physical comedy and there will be
plenty of audience participation, all wrapped up in a dinner suit, bow tie and a smart pair of shoes.

Hats will be juggled, table cloths will be pulled, crockery will be caught, walking sticks will
be balanced, spoons will be flipped, nothing and nobody is safe from being used in this show.

This silent show is perfect for all ages and situations and can be performed almost
anywhere. The voice used in the show is very simple in can be translated easily into any
language. This show is self-contained, family friendly, and created for outdoor festivals and events, with a small transportable set and cast of one.

“Dressed for Dinner” has been performed all over the UK and also taken in some dates around Europe, past audience’s have said:

“…..that was just like watching the great vaudevillians from back in the day”
“Amazing, the best thing all day!”
“I’m so happy you came to my festival”
“Brilliantly funny and brilliantly skillful”