Digital Caricaturist

Boldly going where no caricaturist has gone before, our artists work on a digital drawing board, iPad or Galaxy tablet to produce fast, funny and fantastically entertaining caricatures of your clients or guests.

LED screens display every stroke of their pen ‘live’ to the amazement of spectators. The pictures are then delivered instantly by email or SMS, or as a full colour print.

A versatile art, digital caricaturing can be a static attraction, with an LCD screen displaying the caricatures being drawn ‘live’; or a walkabout entertainment, catching the guests as they explore the event..

Your logo or personalised message can be exposed at every stage, from the initial sketch to the shared experience on social networks, making this an exciting spectacle and a marketing miracle!

Cool, creative, captivating fun. It’s caricatures, Jim, but not as we know it.