Caricaturists provide the perfect entertainment for breaking the ice at parties, weddings or corporate events. Working paper or even badges, no one has to pose as the artist circulates the crowds at your reception or across the tables during dinner producing a finished caricature in 3 or 4 minutes! Always a huge hit!

Our artists are happy to dress up to suit the theme and can personalise the paper with a company logo or a personalised caption.

One artist can produce approximately 15 caricatures per hour and once they start you usually find a queue forms. Everyone wants to know what’s going on!

Visualising Work

Nowadays there is increased demand for visualisers of corporate meetings, talks and brainstorming sessions. Our visualisation artist is an expert at capturing the discussions of a meeting, as well as its outcomes, in insightful, humorous, and very speedy cartoons, whether on flipcharts or a large wall. This work has taken him all over the UK as well as to cities in Europe, the Middle East and the USA. With wide experience of illustrating business books, our artist has a natural grasp of many of the business theories that inform these kind of meetings.

Studio Work

Our Studio Artist has drawn many studio commissions over the years, including single or group caricatures from photos, cartoon strips and editorial style cartoons for online publications, illustrations for business books and artwork for animation studios. Get in touch to commission your own piece of artwork today.