The Cake Contortion Act

The Cake is a great celebratory act with limitless options and themes to suit a variety of events.

Perfect for weddings, birthdays, Valentines, Easter, Christmas and even more for anniversaries of any type of event. It could be a 25th anniversary of your Company for example.

The full act is six minutes and performed to upbeat music with a style that is stylish and glitzy. The cake is raised 1.3 meters high with lights so easy visibility to the audience. The act mixes balancing and extreme flexibility with fire in the feet and hands for the wow factor!

It is important to remember although the act looks great with the flames in the hand and feet while contorting, it is easily adapted to perform without the fire if this is not suitable to some venues.

Two cakes are available to double the glitz at your event. This can work for example with two cakes either side of an entrance for ambient entertainment.

The cake decor can be adapted to suit any theme by changing its faces and replacing with the appropriate colour scheme or style to each event. The cake is on wheels so very easy to wheel on to stage into place.