Loveable psycho housewife Bunny is a domestic goddess with a difference.

Imagine meeting Nigella Lawson, Lorena Bobbitt and Myra Hindley all rolled into one around the kitchen table for a G&T and good old sing-along.  Singing a song both cheery and dark in equal proportions about lost love and the demise of her ex boyfriends.

She loves cleaning and making her “special” recipe meat pies but for some reason she can’t seem to hold a good man down.   Help her on her quest to find true love and a lasting relationship, on the way you will find out some things about Bunny you may wish you hadn’t!

She will give you meat pie, sing you a song and if you’re lucky you’ll duck her flying knives.

This is a warning for all you internet daters out there. Bunny is a rare thing – the top female knife thrower in the UK.

In 3 award winning shows in Perth Fringe, Bunny has performed in her own show and as part of Twisted Vaudeville Circus, Club Briefs (sell out show), Femmes Fatal (sell out show) Glastonbury Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, Cabaret Fantastique, Shambala Festival and many many more.