Broken Circus

Our sexy circus ladies meet and greet the guests and take the audience into a world of dark vintage with highly skilled circus acts. We start the show with our puppet girls performing high in the air with their doubles hoop act. The show continues with extreme contortion, aerial silks, whip cracking and hula hoops. The show ends with a world class pole act which can be performed either as a solo or duo performance. The show can be performed as a 40 minute to one hour show or be separated into short installations throughout the event.

List of skills included in show:
• Contortion; solo or duo
• Aerial silks: solo, duo or group
• Doubles aerial hoop
• Pole sports act: solo or duo
• Hula hoop
• Whip cracking act
• Foot archery
• Hand balancing
• Hostess: Meet and greet with sexy circus girls
• Compare: Skilled performer to introduce the acts and add slight comedy to the evening