Artist in Action

Jon Hicks. Performer, Speed Painter, Artist. Jon executes paintings live as dynamic performances installations. Over minutes, hours or days. From his repertoire or to a client led brief, indoors or outdoors. Jon has a catalogue of paintings, which he performs to music in 3 – 8 minutes or he can produce commissions specific to an event.

Jon has appeared with his speed painting at conferences, award ceremonies, charity events, product launches, trade fairs, exhibitions, private parties, weddings, festivals and on numerous TV shows.

Speed Painting Clients include:  Alfa Romeo, Bulgari, Amnesty International, BMW, Disney, Everton FC, Qatar National Bank, Q8, Marie Curie, Moet Hennessy, MSN, Next, Seiko, Toyota, Peugeot, Rolls Royce, Smart Car. Jon’s paintings often fetch thousands of pounds at charity auctions.


Icons is Jon’s trademark speed painting act. Upside down, revolving, 6 foot tall portraits, executed in under 6 minutes. From his repertoire of the iconically famous or a portrait learnt on request.

Recent commissions include Ronnie Wood, Paul O’Grady, Roberto Martinez, David Bailey, Sadiq Khan, Alastair Cook.



A painting developing throughout the course of an event. Leaving a work of art that will stand and deliver in its own right. Jon has a repertoire of these pieces. More often he creates them to a client’s brief.

The International Man of Artistry

Up to 35 minutes on stage or outdoors

A show of creativity, deadpan silent comedy, origami, spoon bending, tea making, and dynamically executed outsized artworks. Performed to a soundtrack of stylish music and climaxing in the painted, awesome, upside down, delight of a big finish. Jon is a charismatic performer. This show is funny, playful, clever and with the speed painting it has a genuinely high skill, wow factor, climax.

‘Tombstone-faced rocker Jon Hicks works wonders with paintbrushes.’
Bruce Dessau – Evening Standard

‘Thank you for your performance, it was fantastic and exceeded all expectations!’  Nicholas Solomon -General Manager North Island – Seychelles

Your performance is awesome’ Izumi Hatano – Programmer, Canal Entertainment Works Co. Ltd., Fukuoka, Japan