The Art of Plate Spinning

Spinning nine plates at once Mr Ian Marchant will have you on the edge of your seat with
excitement. This fast paced routine is perfect for any occasions be it an after dinner cabaret, a
gala performance, a TV show or a conference. If the plate spinning is not enough for you
don’t fret as there will be many other clever feats and tricks performed along the way.
Alongside this act being highly entertaining, it can also be used to get across a message.
Many times this act has been used in a business setting to illustrate the ideas of having lots
to do, looking after many projects at once or dealing with lots of variables….basically how to keep all the plates spinning and not let them drop!

The skill can also be performed as a static installation and has been used in the past at trade shows and events to get people interested in stands and products. Mr Ian Marchant is one of only a handful of performers to still be performing Plate Spinning today and is one of the most sort after in the UK.