Whelks Shells Soundsystem


Nautilus Sound System

Up to 11 strong set of active exponential horn speakers folded in a traditional nautilus shell shape and containing amplifiers, custom long-throw bass/mid & distributed tweeters at 500W RMS each (1KW effective due to highly efficient design).

The units are also equipped with a sturdy wheeled frame, 2 wheeled for static events such as virtual beaches and music and 3 wheeled with the third being steerable at the front with pulling bar for use in carnival and procession.

Nautilus can be operated by microwave radio link & balanced or unbalanced analogue feeds. The speakers can also be driven by external amplifiers with 2 speakon connectors on the chassis.

Common configurations are:

• Inline with delays, approximately 2M apart – Creates coherent ‘wall’ of sound. Stage at least 8M from centre of line
• Semicircular, from 2M apart over 180 degress with stage ¼ radius from centre – Creates an intense ‘sweet spot’ of stereo sound in front of stage with very little extraneous leakage.
• Circular, from 2M apart, full surround sound with up to 10 channels, small stage in centre. Diameter from 30M. Maximum surround effect at stage centre

There is no need for stage monitors or foldbacks unless the stage is behind the line or outside the circle.

More details can be found here at sense 3d




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