PR Stunt

PR agency Taylor Herring hired Continental Drifts to create a royal delivery PR stunt for Britain’s biggest bookmaker William Hill.

We produced two massive, 3 metre tall teddy bears and presented them outside St Mary’s Hospital on a flatbed truck to the awaiting world’s news media on 1st May, the day before Princess Charlotte was born.

The stunt received widespread news coverage including The Daily Mail, The Mirror, Metro and The Evening Standard.

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The Brief

Our brief was to create two enormous classic teddy bears that looked fit for a new Royal baby. The bears needed to be aesthetically “posh” bears, with one a “boy” bear and the other a “girl”. The bears had to display William Hill’s odds on a boy (evens) and a girl (8/11) with James (14/1) and Alice (2/1) leading the names.

The Solution

To create the bears, our bespoke props maker used an existing traditional teddy bear pattern, which was scaled up to 3 metres tall.

The bears were supported internally with a scaffold pole frame and stuffed with foam. The bears each sat on a square metal plinth and we used ratchet straps to secure them safely to the flatbed truck.