Hackney Carnival is a free event in the heart of hackney central. Due to the dramatic growth of Hackney Carnival year on year, as more and more people visit the event to celebrate the borough’s renowned creativity and diversity it was decided that the event needed to be moved to a new location. Continental Drifts were asked to undertake a feasibility study for the new locations. Following this study working closes with the council and emergency services the Hackney Carnival Village was developed. With an increased capacity of up to  60,000 at any one time, the new carnival village around Hackney Central really was set to be the carnivals biggest, and most diverse event to date!

With 7 sound systems, 3 live stages, 2 busking sites and 3 dedicated children’s areas, health and wellbeing area and various global food stalls across the village Hackney Carnival was enjoyed by an estimated attendance of over 100,000 throughout the day!

Alongside the Carnival Village, Continental Drifts produced and managed the parade, were we saw a variety of spectacular costumes, energetic dance and live music from around the world. Over 1000 participants from 28 carnival and community groups processed over 3miles through-out hackney mare street and finishing back in London Fields.

Continental Drifts Services…

  • Production Management
  • Scoping exercises
  • Event Management Plans
  • Crowd planning and management
  • Local Authority & Stakeholder Liaison
  • Budgeting
  • Parade Management
  • Traffic Management of borough wide closures & parking suspensions
  • Emergency Planning and Evacuation procedures
  • Health and safety planning
  • Multiple site design & management
  • Environmental reporting
  • Supplier & Staff Procurement

We work closely with the Police, TFL, Enforcement Officers and Security teams to create vigorous crowd management plans for the 12 different locations. Along with detailed site capacities, egress routes and emergency procedures this event lies heavily on the health and safety management provided by Continental Drifts.

‘A massive thanks for everything at Hackney Carnival. The carnival was a huge success. Please pass on heartfelt thanks to all of your team’ Lucy McMenemy, LBH Cultural Development