LolliBop Festival


Street Performers, Walkabout, Comperes

Continental Drifts founded LolliBop in 2010 and went on to programme the event for 3 years. The 20,000 strong family audience were hugely entertained with performances that included:

  • Presenters and DJ’s, Dick and Dom
  • Walkabout and stage acts acts from CBeebies and CBBC – Rastamouse, The ZingZillas, Charlie and Lola, Horrible Histories
  • Theatre shows The Gruffalo Live and Shrek
  • CBeebies show Mister Maker
  • Walkabout performers including Titan the Robot, a cycling skeleton, life size polar bears, gorillas and even a dinosaur!

“We loved all the performers on stilts, lots of great arts and crafts workshops, soft play, face painting etc, and all the outdoor sporty activities”

Images/ Video/Photographs- Simon Jacobs