Tuto Tribe

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Tuto Tribe is an original 5-piece samba rock band, based in Southampton. Brazilian extrovert, Tuto (there is extrovert, then there is Tuto), and his multi-national tribe of musicians perform joyful, fun-fueled and interactive shows with their modern, bright Brazilian sound with catchy, sing-along hooks and rhythms influenced by samba, rock, Jamaican music and jazz. Tuto Tribe describe their music as the virtual offspring of Jorge Ben, The Doors and Manu Chao, with songs written about love, life, travel and world citizenship. They have played at Victorious, Tropical Pressure and other festivals and as one fan described Tuto Tribe’s live performance: ‘It is like you are on a holiday that you never planned going on’.

From the streets of Sao Paulo to the avenues of Southampton, via Argentina, South Africa, Germany and Italy, Tuto has made England his home. The second son of a Brazilian father and Italian mother, he first learned his stage craft in the teenage punk and hardcore band he formed. Following a period playing bass for his brother’s funk-reggae band, Tuto left Brazil in search of adventure, playing across Europe as a street artist, not without its challenges. Since moving to the UK in 2016, Tuto has developed his stage presence and music, became a resident artist at Revolución de Cuba bars, connected with many musicians from which he distilled a group and formed Tuto Tribe in early 2022. 

Reflecting its diverse origins and influences, Tuto Tribe comprises Tuto (Brazil, guitar and vocals), Rich (UK, alto sax), Blair (Canada, tenor Sax), Mike (Cyprus, bass) and Herman (Brazil, drums). 

Let’s Samba Rock it!

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