The Bikini Beach Band

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The Bikini Beach Band’s unusual take on Surf guitar music (they call it ‘Surf-Noir’) has it’s roots in the late 50’s/early 60’s bands like The Ventures and The Shadows, mixing classic surf and rock and roll numbers such as Wipe Out and Miserlou with contemporary pop songs such as Blue Monday and Toxic with expert musicianship and great sense of showmanship. A combination of wild costumes, great set moves and fantastic Rock and Roll! This never fails to fascinate and entertain audiences who always end up smiling, dancing and singing along.

The Bikini Beach Band’s choice of material and sheer musical audacity and wit elevates this simple formula into something fresh, exciting, and above all, entertaining. Who else could mash Radiohead’s Creep up with Richie Valens’ La Bamba, call it La Creepa, and make it both danceable and funny? On-stage, the boys themselves remain silent and resolutely deadpan at all times – much to everyone’s delight.

Formed in the Brit Pop era the BBB achieved instant notoriety with their cheeky covers of Oasis and Blur which made them firm favourites on BBC’s GLR station and in the music press of the day, even scoring ‘Single of the week’ in NME with their second offering. Conquering Soho with a residency for Club Indigo at M’me Jo Jo’s and Camden as regulars at Blow Up the band became a fave with other bands and played as openers for Pulp at Finsbury Park and at parties for Dodgy and La Roux among others.

Also firm festival favourites playing The Big Chill, Bestival, Glastonbury, Latitude, Lovebox, Lost Vagueness, Solfest, Bestival/Camp Bestival, Isle of Wight and Henley Festival on multiple occasions, The Beach cast a ray of sunshine whatever the weather.

As the World re-opened in 22 the Beach hit the road again, playing a new festival, Torchlight, along with Caravanserai & a slew of delayed private bookings. The consensus from feedback and testimonials proving they are better than ever!

Recordings include three studio albums and the live album ¡VIVA!. Currently working towards their next opus, recently Sony asked the band to contribute a version of Aha’s ‘Take on Me’ for their new ‘Sackboy’ game soundtrack though the band’s main focus remains on live performance.

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