The Arkansaw Jukebox Collective

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Thing is every event or festival needs a full on party vibe at some point – but sometimes
you need to wrap it up in a cooler package than a dad band playing Oasis covers right? The Arkansaws exist to fill exactly that slot – lots of “party” but with enough “arty” to satisfy all comers. Think Hayseed Dixie fronted by The Dixie Chicks and you are getting close!

Exceptionally clever re- workings, great playing, lush 4 part harmonies come together to deliver full on foot- stompers all the way and no one gets out without smiling – come on you’ve always
wanted to know what a bluegrass rap sounded like!! 7 piece (or sometimes 8 or sometimes 9 or… you get the idea!) can either arrive and play or provide full technical production.
Anyway enough blather, have look/listen here ……

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