Hailing straight from the boot of Italy, Tarantola is a Mediterranean Gypsy-Folk band that brings “Taranta”, the traditional music of Salento to the British music scene. 6 energetic musicians who come from different corners of the world including Italy, Brasil, Spain and England who share their diverse musical influences with captivating circus performances exclusive for their upcoming EP entitled “Rogue Rouge Circus”, containing 4 singles that will be released one by one monthly from the 18th of January 2019.

Each song is an episode of an intriguing and provocative story about all the mysteries, relationships and adventures behind the circus curtains. You’ll hear authentic tambourine rhythms grooving with enchanting whistles and violins, reminiscent of the circus, the sea, the tradition, the legend and the mysticism belonging to “brown skin people” of the Mediterranean lands.

Tarantola will be touring in England, Italy, and Spain for the entire 2020.

You’ll enjoy a perfect communion of wild gypsy music and latin vibes with breathtaking circus performances.

Tarantola bites her victims and steals their souls, making them dance without rest in a unique live show.

“The Circus is Life, the Circus is you”

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