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Swingrowers are an accomplished six-piece vintage-influenced pop band, known for their four
genre-defining studio albums and incredible live shows. Their music and videos have (to date) notched up well over 100 Million plays worldwide. The band have toured North America, Europe, Japan, Russia, India and Maldives performing at hundreds more Clubs and Festivals worldwide including two sold out shows at the Blue Note in Tokyo. The first album (PRONOUNCED SWING’ GROWERS) (2012) exploded onto the early electro swing scene with its pioneering mix of vintage samples, gypsy jazz and hip hop breaks. REMOTE followed in 2014 cementing the bands place at the cutting edge of the genre and introducing their fuller sound with saxophone, ‘manouche’ guitar and violin. Their third album OUTSIDEIN (2018) honed the style mixing in more electronic elements while lyrically addressing more
complex themes of social media and internet culture. The fourth album, HYBRID (2021) was a creative, post-covid highlight showcasing the evolution of their sound and song-writing, building on their previous work while introducing a more contemporary production palette. The was followed by the single LOVE! (2022). The latest line-up will be releasing new material from 2023 while continuing to tour around the world.

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