She’s Got Brass

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Introducing She’s Got Brass, London’s groundbreaking 10-piece female-fronted brass
band. With a dynamic rhythm section featuring percussion and kit alongside the rich
tones of tuba and baritone saxophone. Our ensemble boasts renowned female
players from the heart of the London Jazz scene from esteemed acts like Seed
Ensemble, Colectiva, New Regency Orchestra, Bonita House Band and TC and the
Groove Family. We infuse our performances with a fusion of original compositions
and beloved funk and soul classics, all with a contemporary twist.
When She’s Got Brass takes the stage, we bring more than just music – we bring an
experience of unity, freedom, and pure ecstasy to our audience. Our sheer joy in
playing together transcends the boundaries between performers and spectators,
creating an immersive atmosphere where the music becomes the sole focus of our
collective energy.

To miss out on booking She’s Got Brass is to deprive your audience of a
transformative experience, where the essential chaotic feminine energies are
unleashed in a burst of creative expression. If you’re seeking a blend of old-school
funk and soul intertwined with new-school vibrancy, look no further than She’s Got
Brass to ignite the stage and captivate your audiences like never before.


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