Remix Reeling

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Combining traditional reels, barn dances and ceilidh with banging beats and basslines, Remix Reeling is half rave, half highland ball.

No experience required, (just childish excitement and a love of bass.) Let our expert caller talk you through the moves before our DJ blows your mind. Expect silliness, skipping, sweating and smiles all round. Whether we’re playing to a family crowd in the sunshine, or a bunch of bass heads under moonlight, Remix Reeling is accessible, joyous old fashioned fun upgraded for the 21st century.

We’re tired of the lonely treadmill of club dancing – grab a partner and fly around the room, making contact with your fellow reelers. With Remix Reeling, you dance with everyone.

So don your tartan, kilts, feathers, face paint and glitter, stick on your trainers and do your stretches, and get involved with this mad mash up.

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