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POPOLA – Uniting the Afro-Caribbean-LatinX diaspora in diversity, innovation and equality, Popola’s vibe is all about repping that diversity woven into our roots and paving new ways.

Popola spotlights the rich diversity of London’s Afro-Caribbean-Latinx communities by producing vibrant celebrations of culture and roots. Through our events, Popola provides welcoming spaces where diasporic women and QPOC can uninhibitedly express their artistry, individuality, and heritage.

Popola has been dedicated to addressing inequality faced by displaced and marginalised communities since our founding, holding an undeniable dedication to inclusion, advocating for equitable treatment of underrepresented people as central to our mission. We distribute resources while receiving no public funding, donations or charity so far – which reflects the presence Popola has built for itself in the community. 

Our passion for equality manifests through ongoing action and collaboration with different Afro-Caribbean-Latinx communities in the UK. As activism takes many forms, we actively seek to uplift in diverse ways the various diasporas affected by colonisation and systems of oppression, as part of wider decolonization and intersectional movement. We ensure historically excluded voices are heard, while working to create safer, healthier environments and promote diasporic art/expressions.

Popola events like Salsoteka with its energetic salsa dancing, Twerk Temple’s fiery twerking joy, Bundona’s celebration of the Queer Brazilian community, and the Popola Showcase spotlighting talented diasporic singers, poets, and creatives pulse with the spirit of freedom, cultural pride and communal revelry. Our one-of-a-kind parties unite Londoners across backgrounds through the universal languages of music, dance and celebration.

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