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During Covid, Daytoner tried to atone for their cancelled live shows with a series of videos featuring new songs, which the 6 band members individually created in isolation across Cornwall. The local press featured the videos as one of the highlights of lockdown entertainment and these separate sessions continued on throughout, culminating in new material for their second band album, ‘Remote Connections’, which is currently being pressed to vinyl and is due for release in Spring next year. The LP title reveals their determination to keep their creativity alive, despite their enforced separation and the sleeve design, a graphic representation of the first Marconi radio towers built in Poldhu Cove, reflects the rich local history of pioneering communication technology.

‘Time’ was one of the first stand out tracks from the LP sessions, an uptempo funk track with Lucy Richards lyrics’ focussing on the value of living for today and appreciation of what we have while we are here, a sensation brought into extreme focus for many over the last 2 years! On the flip side is ‘Keep It Moving’, another optimistic funk and soul brass break and rather than keep calm, this urges all to edit the famous slogan to ‘Keep Moving & Carry On’ and it’s fair to say this new single is a direct expression of the strange days we’ve all inhabited recently. These two tracks will be released on limited edition vinyl 45, streaming and download stores (date TBC once the vinyl press is complete).

Daytoner return to live performance with the songs from their new LP in 2022 and are currently compiling live dates for the first shows in late Spring. One of the promotional videos for ‘Time’ features some of the highlights of their live performances over the last few years at over 50 UK festivals and events, from Cornwall to Cumbria

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