Captain Flatcap


Captain Flatcap is multi-genre, instrumental Electronic Dance Music. It is both the live 3-piece band (Chris Rotherham, Tom Rotherham, Matt Woods) and the DJ (Chris Rotherham). The live band, similar to the Captain’s DJ sets, is centred around electro swing, but also includes influences of ska, funk, folk and various genres of dance music. The band wields trumpet, flute, guitar, mandolin, keyboard, percussion, and a load of squelch! The Captain has his own weekly radio show on KaneFM, 9-11am every Friday.

They all state their influences have no limitations. Everything they listen to helps to form their style, in that any specific aspect of a piece of music can inspire them, whether it be beats, synth sounds, harmonies, melodies, structure, production techniques, or indeed anything. However, some of their favourite artists include Caravan Palace, The Cat Empire, System of a Down, Bonobo, Infected Mushroom, Will and the People, Koan Sound, James Blake and Dizraeli.

Captain Flatcap has supported The Correspondents, Dutty Moonshine, The Freestylers, Chris Tofu, The Swingrowers, Odjbox, The Electric Swing Circus, Kitten and the Hip, A.Skillz, C@ In The H@, Too Many T’s, Father Funk and many more.

The Captain is also available for DJ sets. He is known for playing his flute whilst he is DJing! Flute and Bass Squelch Vintage Folk Remix.

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