Brixton Chamber Orchestra: Grime Orchestrated


BCO: GO are a 16-strong ensemble featuring explosive up-and-coming MCs performing iconic grime instrumentals & freshly cooked beats, swapping the Korg Triton for live strings, horns, drums & bass. Monolithic sets are created using synths and samples, with orchestral arrangements amping up the drama of the tracks that have come to define grime. The complete orchestra is fronted by a roster of pyrotechnic MCs, most notably Newham General Footsie, Reprezent Radio Residents Female Allstars, & homegrown rising talents Duppy, Idris Miles, & MEGAMiKES.

They’ve dismantled the dichotomy between orchestral music and explosive beats, with
shows at Glasto, Wilderness, Camp Bestival, & London Remixed, as well as hometown
headline slots at Hootananny & the Prince of Wales.

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