Blue Giant Orkestar


Blue Giant Orkestar – Earth-Quaking Brain-Melting Brass-Tastic Tune-Machine

Blue Giant Orkestar are a tunetastic trans-European gold-plated instrumental hydra of
nuclear brass, searing fiddle, pounding tuba, one enormous Russian concert accordion
and a percussion section that could flatten your house. Fuelled by Balkan horos,
Serbian brass festivals, Turkish pop songs, Bulgarian accordion fireworks and even a
spot of Scottish ceildh, they play powerful and intricate originals as well as
arrangements from many nations and peoples.

Formed in late 2019 and since spotted at festivals including Knockengorroch, Kelburn
Garden Party and Edinburgh Fringe, as well as some riotous gigs in their hometown of
Edinburgh, BGO promise a party for your body, a teaser for your brain and a salve for
your heart.

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