Bandini is Pure, wild energy on stage. Described as “the bastard son of Tom Waits and Cab Calloway” by The Troubadour in London, he mentions Van Morrison, Dr.John, Tom Waits and The Clash among his main influences, which have brought him to blend jazz, blues, rock and gypsy into a dynamic live show. This, combined with his enigmatic and theatrical stage performances have led Bandini to become one of the most relevant and exciting emerging artists today.

Hailing from Italy, Bandini’s musical influences originally come from his creative family. His grandmother, a former cabaret artist, taught him how to create a stage persona and win the crowd’s attention, while his father introduced him to blues and jazz music and his uncle (singer-songwriter for Chantango) to the art of song writing.

In 2019 Bandini released his debut album “Barflies” produced by Camelle Hinds (Style Council, Paul Weller) and toured Europe with his band. He’s part of Camden Fringe with his show Barflies Tales for 2 years, gaining a 5 star review “A delightful spectrum of music, humour, funk, soul and love”. In February 2020 Bandini and his band were special guests at Twist and Shout – an immersive touring show with an audience of 2000 people, taking place in Milan, Amsterdam, and Paris. In 2020 Bandini started working with Spiritual Records and released some singles with the label, including the funk track “Straight Up”.

During the pandemic he began to work with the multi-awarded immersive show One Night Records, where he became resident artist in 2022. Artist director Phoebe Stringer describes him as “The best in the business. When he’s on the line up you know you’re going to be in for a hell of an evening!” Recently, Bandini was selected as best London Act to perform in Trafalgar Square for St.George day by the mayor of London and chosen for X-Factor Italy 2023.

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