Badcore Horns

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Badcore Horns Drum & Brass are the raucous evil twin of the Badcore Horns session section. Less civilised and refined but toting more grit and power, you’ll more likely find them giving it stacks on the mean streets than in a recording studio. As a drum, baritone sax and trumpet 3-piece their sound has been likened to a brass band from miles away and they’ve even spawned breakdance and rap battles during their live shows.

Dan Hillman and Simon Dobson are a pair of seasoned horn players with a bunch of accolades to their names who needed a more punk outlet for their creativity. With the most recent addition of producer Barnaby Ray on kit, the band have focused their efforts on writing and recording new material. Their debut EP SMASH! gathered attention from BBC Introducing and various music blogs, they are now working on some special feature tracks and a full album. That journey has allowed them to experiment with incorporating more electronics into the show for a fatter sound although the credo of staying true to their acoustic roots still stands firm.

Influenced by New Orleans brass ensembles and modern electronic styles, they shred anything from hiphop and gypsy jazz to drum‘n’bass and dubstep. Suitable for big heavy stage shows with all the shiny gizmos or lightweight walk rounds and supports like popup audio ninjas, Badcore are guaranteed to bring the noise.

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