What Are The Best Apps for Event Producers? 20/4/16

With the event season almost here, Continental Drifts has reviewed the best apps for event producers to see if they can help us better plan and manage our events this summer.

1. Evernote


Ditch the traditional production file folder with bits of paper and instead file everything in Evernote on an iPad or your iPhone. In addition to text notes, you can also take a picture on your device and record a voice memo – this is great for site visits. You can invite suppliers to download the app and then you can all share the files (a bit like dropbox) no more massive email threads. We like!

2. Slack


Slack is an app that’s getting loads of press at the moment. The app is essentially a closed-off social network for companies to communicate to one another. The best thing it does is to reduce email in the workplace and therefore should make teams more productive. We think this could be a great idea for event producers as you can put everyone from venue to suppliers to the production team onto it and in theory reduce the massively tedious long email threads – we live in hope!

3. Capsulecam


Have you ever wanted to keep track of your entire event production, including all images from suppliers and different team members? CapsuleCam is an easy way to start a shared group photo album and therefore is a great little tool for sharing post-event images. No more chasing everyone down for their event photos!

4. Planning Pod


Planning Pod was created specifically for event planners. The software lets users manage multiple events, including keeping track of contracts, proposals, finances and invoices. The downside is that it’s not free after the initial 30 day free trial.

5. Eventopedia



Eventopedia is based on a community marketplace model, where you can find suppliers, venues etc that have been reviewed by other companies in the industry. Quite useful but not, in our opinion, essential.


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