Vintage Remix

We invented Vintage Remix to encourage the explosion of fantastic young acts dedicated to playing or producing music that takes vintage sounds and adds something 21st Century. It takes in so many micro genres, from electro swing to soul remix via electro blues and reggae remix. The list goes on… In fact they remix anything that’s an antique beat. Aside to programming hugely successful stages at some of the biggest festivals in the world, we have successfully run ground-breaking clubs in the UK including Electro Swing Club and White Mink, as well as developing a network from London to Australia via most of Europe. We have developed audiences that started as a handful of people and grew to millions worldwide via our social networks, events and partners.

Electro Swing Club

We started the world’s first club dedicated to the remix of 1920s to 1950s music in London , it is a club that in 5 years has completely sold out. Furthermore it’s a brand that has spread across the world with clubs in Paris, Melbourne and Berlin to name a few. Over the years we have showcased almost every new Electro Swing act in the world.

White Mink

White Mink is a partnership with the amazing Freshly Squeezed Music, who are responsible for the million download of the White Mink compilation. White Mink is all about the music, dance, film and fashion of the speakeasy era. Almost every gig happens in one thousand plus venues and always sells out. White Mink is the strongest Electro Swing brand in the world right now.