Sam Veale Corporate Circus Workshops

An entertaining circus skills workshops, ideal for ice breakers and team building sessions at conferences and training days. Featuring juggling, balancing, Yoyo, diablo, plate spinning, ball spinning, cigar boxes and other enjoyable skills, all expertly taught. Perfect for people who think they don’t have any coordination. Can be done in venues with limited space if necessary.

“As far as entertainment/team building was concerned the Juggler was particularly good. Sam did a great job of helping us make the link between a complex skill made easier, through process and the metaphoric inferences between IT project management and juggling itself. The latter part of the process was spent outside in the sun and pretty much everyone in the team left the event at least being able to perform a simple cascade juggle of 3 balls (even the doubters). Really good fun and recommended.

Sam himself was on time, well turned out, confident and easy to work with.He was humorous, attentive and spent time with everyone to get them up to the same level!” PepsiCo (13-3-14)