Bjorn the Polar Bear

A magical and unforgettable show for people of all ages. Bjorn is a huge hit with audiences worldwide and offers an unmatched level of interactive capability and finish; so real that our clients regularly receive complaints from concerned members of the audience and animal rights groups!

We are glad to say Bjorn is a fully animated pod-puppet, and not a real bear.

Our Arctic conservationist presenters facilitate interaction between the audience and the polar bear as well as giving a fascinating nature documentary style talk.

He has appeared at environmental events, Christmas events, winter-theme events, snow and ice parties and film premieres, private parties and television shows.  If you’re looking for Christmas entertainment, you’ve found something very special. If you are planning a party, would it be complete without a ‘real live’ animatronic polar bear?

“So real he nearly licked me” audience member.