Continental Drifts and Umbrellium are excited to launch two imaginatively conceived digital experiences. Mini Burble and Marling are interactive visual installations that engage and fascinate.

Mini Burble

Mini Burble is a 10-story, interactive light installation comprising hundreds of balloons equipped with LEDs that illuminate the skyline. There are two ways that audiences can participate in the spectacle. The intuitive Mini Burble App enables them to paint the sky by tracing their finger across a scale model of the installation on a smart device. The Twitter Paint system is responsive to brand as well as the audience. After creating a bespoke hashtag, a simple Tweet with a choice of colour will trigger the transformation of the structure into a myriad of patterns – #YourNameminiburble Green. Mini Burble is a dynamic tool for experiential marketing and an innovative street art installation where collaboration can make beautiful things happen.


Marling is a voice-activated laser installation that creates spectacular effects which cling to the environment around it. Expertly designed for mass participation, complex 3D structures are revealed as an ever-changing aurora that reacts to the audience. The custom-built software, which makes Marling do what Marling does best, feeds off the frequencies of voices, movements and musicians and provides a collective sensory experience that can amplify the ambience of events, festivals and public spaces.

Full Website Coming Soon

For full information on how you can paint the sky, or turn voices into colour – watch this space.