Experiential Road Show

PR agency Unity hired Continental Drifts to produce and event manage a hard-hitting experiential campaign for Cancer Research UK.

The “R UV Ugly?” campaign targeted teenagers predominantly in the north of England. It comprised of a specially designed booth that dispensed UV images which revealed the damage beneath, invisible to the naked eye. The results were designed to shock and to stop sunbed use.

Continental Drifts Services…

  • Bespoke technical build
  • Tour logistics
  • Event management
  • Technical management
  • Health and safety planning
  • Contractor and crew liaison

The Brief

Our brief was to work closely with Unity’s creative team to deliver the UV photo booth. We needed to ensure that the consumer facing experience was professionally delivered and that the booth felt like a clinic.

We also needed to deliver the highest footfall locations to hit the target audience of northern teenagers. In addition, the campaign needed to work as a sampling campaign, with staff very well briefed to deliver the key messages.

The Solution

We created a simple modular booth to house the UV scanner and printer. We used large format print graphics to make the “walls” of the booth.

We chose the highest footfall shopping centres in Newcastle and Manchester (the two biggest cities) for the activity and hired space on the busiest shopping day of the week, Saturday.

Staff attended an intensive briefing day in London, which was attended by Cancer Research UK ensuring everyone was on message.