PR Event

PR firm Hill & Knowlton briefed Continental Drifts to build a life-size tennis court in Trafalgar Square for the launch of Ariel Tennis Ace.

Ariel Tennis Ace was Britain’s biggest search for young tennis talent. Regional heats were held in tennis centres across the UK, where 10,000 hopefuls competed for 20 finalist places.

The Brief

We worked in partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association and Mayor of London to create 13 events for Ariel Tennis Ace 2005. For the finale, our brief was to install a real grass tennis court in Trafalgar Square for Tim and Boris to play on.

Continental Drifts Services…

  • Bespoke manufacturing
  • Location and route planning
  • Vehicle sourcing
  • Rigging solutions
  • Storage solutions
  • Health and safety
  • Legal counsel

The Solution

Our challenge was how to install a real grass tennis in Trafalgar Square ensuring that the court was playable on while at the same time causing no damage to the flagstones. We did this by laying underlay and then laying sections of real turf over the top.

We handled all aspects of production on the day of the event, staying on site for a total of 24 hours to manage the build, run the event and oversee the breakdown.