Train To Roots (IT)

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Creativity, positive perseverance and a serious determination is the perfect blend which allows the TRAIN TO ROOTS to evolve and be able to keep up with the times. These qualities are highly recognised and acclaimed by their audience.

Behind their hot and entertaining live shows there’s a burning and endless passion for music which is rooted in British early reggae.

The need to send a message remains very deep, in order to continue to create a constructive dialogue with the public which is an essential part of this train going to the roots.
An artistic path, considerably dynamic and rewarding, which in almost ten years has really strengthened the eight members of the band.

They have collaborated with international artists (Sergeant Garcia, Al Cambpell, General Levy, Jamaram …) and have participated in the most important national and across borders Reggae festivals (Spain, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia).

The fifth album Home (INRI, 2016), distributed globally by VP Records, it showcases the first 10 years of the band, essentially a Roots Rock Reggae sound but with occasional nods to underground electronic beats and contemporary sounds and enriched with the poignant presence of 70s revival style choruses.

While their British maternal roots were clearly apparent in their early production, Train To Roots stand out for their use of many contemporary elements which they incorporate into their music, continually growing while nurturing their roots, with a strong passion for music without limits.

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