Sweet Life Society (IT)


The rustle of vintage vinyls is only the surface of The Sweet Life Society concept of sound.The project was born from the encounter of the two producers Gabriele Concas and Matteo Marini. After the first sound experiments and performances, it found its natural outburst turning into a band with the involvement of live musicians, giving life to the Sweet Life Orchestra.

The two producers combine in their unique style the groove of vintage melodies and Caribbean sounds with pure hip-hop made in USA beats and the most powerful UK bass in an elegant, refined and surprising mix, where the rich brass session and the guitar blend perfectly on the tracks built live with drum machines and samplers, all accompanied by the powerful voices of the two MCs Giulietta Passera and Moreno Turi aka Emenél.

After a two-month tour between Canada and the United States in 2014 the duo signed with Warner Music for the release of their first album “Swing circus”, but at the same time began to seriously scale the stages of festivals and clubs of all Europe. Thanks to this experience the band acquired the spontaneity and enthusiasm that characterize its performances.

Three years after the release of “Swing Circus” for Warner music and after two film soundtracks presented at the Venice film festival (“Le ultime cose” by Irene Dionisio and “Bruttie Cattivi” by Cosimo Gomez) comes ‘Antique beats’, the second album of the band.
Compared to the first album, it marks a change of sound: the production is more mature, the sound is darker; ‘Antique Beats’ is configured as a sound journey that manages to combine the passion of the two producers for the various souls of black music and electronic music.

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