Shaolin Temple Defenders (FR)


Fighting for Soul Music since 2006

Live act par excellence, the Shaolin Temple Defenders have been burning down venues with each appearance for nearly fifteen years. Between raw Funk and sweet Soul, their music is deeply inspired by the 60’s and the 70’s but their Rock and Hip Hop-oriented sound is definitely rooted in the spirit of our times.

In the true spirit of politically-engaged and militant soul music, the Shaolin Temple Defenders continue to hold the protest banner high with their most recent freedom-fighting album ‘Free Your Soul’. To the everlasting satisfaction of their personal needs, which have become a goal as much as a philosophy in life, they oppose their firm rhythms with solid horns and their answer to selfishness lies in a federating soulful music, joining forces to provide a powerful show!

After touring many times around Europe and in Canada, recording four studio albums, including one produced by Eddie Roberts (New Mastersounds) + one live album with Martha High (James Brown’s background vocalist), the Shaolin have now become the french representative of the new international Soul scene. With their 5th album, ‘Free Your Soul’, they transcend the boundaries of classic Soul Music by adding Rock & Hip Hop influences to their sound while remaining true to their original values: fraternity, love and solidarity.


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