Pás de Problème (PT)

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Pás de Problème highly performative shows have been shaking Portugal for the last half of a decade. Under the wings of a prolific generation of artists based in Lisbon, the lyrics filled with surrealist stories, mixed with a fire wired brass ensemble, creates a new brand of parties: The Shape of Party To Come.

Known for their 4 hours long concerts, the secret shows, the wild, and sometimes, very naked crowds. The exotic dances, the unexpected alter-egos and a lot of music played veeeeery fast. They call it, Real Padráda.

The dancefloor transforms in exotic landscapes, it’s not world music at all. It’s made in Lisbon, it’s music from the world to the world, and it hits hard. The Shape of all those Parties to Come, surprisingly, they’re all already here, PÁS!

Praised by the press and audiences alike as one of the best shows in Portugal, with several tours to the Uk, Spain or Luxemburg, the release of 4 EPs since 2012 and a debut album in 2017, Pás de Problème are followed by an always increasing number of high energy crowds.

PÁS! One of the hottest secrets of the Portuguese underground. At the end of 2018 the band is going to release their second album: The Shape of Party To Come!

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