Gypsy Hill


Gypsy Hill play an intoxicating mix of Balkan brass, Mediterranean surf-rock, ska & swing. Featuring guitars, horns, tuba, a scratch DJ and a mix of live and electronic beats, Gypsy Hill effortlessly mix the traditional with a uniquely modern sound.

Following the success of a new remix album, ‘Their Routes’, which included heavy-hitting tracks from the likes of Shazalakazoo, Slamboree & AlgoRythmiK – the latest release ‘Gypsy Hill Producing’ presents something of a new direction. This album is a collection of collaborations with a select few carefully chosen acts, tied together by Gypsy Hill’s unmistakeable production & arrangements – and features a diverse choice of artists such as Koby Israelite, Simo Lagnawi, Swingrowers and The Turbans. Having worked regularly as remixers over the years, this time around they decided to work with the bands in the studio from the get go, with each one picking up something a little new along the way.

Producers DJ Kobayashi & Herbert Newbert have taken the project from studio to stage, gradually growing the band and honing their high-energy live shows. Their burgeoning CV includes remixes for the likes of Balkan Beat Box and Al Jawala and a special feature on Ninja Tune’s acclaimed ‘Ninja Jamm’ app. On the latter they appeared alongside electronic music royalty such as Coldcut, Mr Scruff, Bonobo and many more of the Ninja Tunes roster. Currently you can hear Gypsy Hill’s music featured in the award winning circus show La Soirée with Captain Frodo, on their global tour.

“The album has some great moments… and is certainly richer for its diversity of voices
– Songlines Magazine

‘…the atmosphere that Gypsy Hill manage to create is one that you honestly can’t explain or
convince anyone they’ll enjoy, but when you experience it you just get it. It’s in one word:
Liberating, you can just dance and actually really enjoy yourself without caring what other
people think because everyone around you is loving it just as much’
– Subculture Online

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